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Disposable Tableware


Leading Disposable Tableware Suppliers in China

ANHUI JIUXIN IMP. and EXP. CO., LTD is an exporter of consumer household products that possess high quality at competitive prices. Among all the Chinese disposable tableware suppliers, we guarantee the cheapest products to our customers. We strike a balance between quality and time, which is one of our hallmarks that our customers give value to us.

We provide plastic trays to fast-food establishments throughout Ireland. We provide PVC cups with competitive pricing and superior quality to fast-food establishments. For Ireland’s fast-food restaurants, we provide a variety of promotional items, including pens, toys, flags, ponchos, and more. 

Qualities of Our Disposable Tableware

  • Great Quality with Eye-Catching Designs

We deliver eye-catching designs, styles, and shapes of disposable tableware with no compromise on the quality. 

  • Eco-Friendly & Biodegradable

We make natural, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly disposable tableware. And this is what distinguishes us from other disposable tableware suppliers in China. 

  • Harmless & Non-Toxic

Our disposable tableware is non-toxic therefore it will not harm you when you eat or use it. It is completely safe for you to use. 

  • Easy to Use

Are you tired but have a dinner to host at night? Our disposable tableware is your savior. 

Disposable Tableware FAQs

Why should you choose our disposable tableware?

Our disposable tableware is strong and durable. It will not break easily which means you do not have to purchase it as frequently as you do with other disposable products. 

Do you take orders of disposable tableware in bulk?

Yes, we are among the leading B2B disposable tableware suppliers in China, therefore we have the capacity to take orders in bulk. 

Is your disposable plate safe to use?

Yes, being among the most reputable disposable tableware suppliers in China, we make sure that our disposable tableware products are non-toxic. They are 100% safe for you to use. 

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