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Bamboo Skewer


Quality Bamboo Skewer Manufacturers in China

Consumer home goods with excellent quality and reasonable costs are exported by ANHUI JIUXIN IMP. and EXP. CO., LTD. We promise our customers the most affordable items out of all the Chinese bamboo skewer manufacturers. One of the trademarks that our clients value is how we create a balance between quality and time.

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Qualities of Our Bamboo Skewer

  • 100% Natural Bamboo

Being among the reputable bamboo skewer manufacturers in China, our bamboo skewers are made up of 100% natural bamboo. 

  • Many Uses

You can use our bamboo skewers for skewering meat, vegetables, hot dogs, fruits, corn, etc. You can also use it for crafting flower gardening, DIY designs, and handicrafts. The qualities of our bamboo skewers are what helps us distinguish ourselves from other bamboo skewer manufacturers

Bamboo Skewer FAQs

Will the bamboo skewers burn if you use them for grilling?

You can soak our bamboo skewers in water before you want to use them for grilling. This way you can prevent them from burning. After that, you can enjoy using them to grill meat, hot dogs, corn, etc. 

What is the size of your bamboo skewers?

We have different sizes in our bamboo skewers. Being among the reputed B2B bamboo skewer manufacturers, we deal with clients with different requirements. We have 3 sizes of bamboo skewers; 6 inches, 8 inches, and 10 inches. 

Will the vegetable chunks fall when I use your bamboo skewers to grill them?

No, whether you are grilling vegetable chunks or shrimps, they will not fall through the grate. Our bamboo skewers can strongly hold them. 


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